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EC 434 Signal Processing

Course Name            :  Signal Processing

Materials needed       :   Text book and we Supply Necessary Notes

Course Objectives:  To complete total syllabus as per IEIndia. Online course
Course Goals      :  To make you understand Easily

  1. Periodic signal analysis
  2. Digital filter design.
  3. Computer aided design.
  4. Computation of the DFT, DCT and WHT.
  5. Simulation of digital filters.
  6. Digital signal processors
  7. Application of digital signal processing.
Anticipatory Set : We show you animation to make you understand easily those contain
Introduction     :  Fundamentals of Design and manufacturing is very good ans interesting subject if we take it proper way rather has very unique need in the field of engineering.
Conclusion         : After complete this we get confidence to get at list 70 marks in exam

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