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Subject and Timing

For delivering Quality Online Coaching We are not cover all subjects of AMIE Section a Section B . For this time we are start with 


AMIE Section A


COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS                             :Wednessday   8:00 pm to 10:00pm

MATERIAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING                    :Friday          8:00 pm to 10:00pm

COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS                             :Sunday         8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING                              :Monday         8:00 pm to 10:00 pm



NB*** Days and timing is subject to be Schedule as per request and availability time from student 


AMIE Section B


Electronics and Communication Engineering

EC 403 Communication Engineering                                                     Course Contain

EC 405 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers                               Course Contain

EC 407 Design of Electronic Devices and Circuits                              Course Contain

EC 421 Digital Hardware Design                                                                Course Contain

EC 422 Pulse and Digital Circuits                                                               Course Contain

EC 424 Solid State Physics and Semiconductor Devices                    Course Contain

EC 434 Signal Processing                                                                                Course Contain

Computer Science and Engineering

CP 405 Pulse and Digital Circuits                                                                 Course Contain

CP 425 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers                                   Course Contain

CP 406 Computer Architecture                                                                     Course Contain

CP 412 Computer Networks                                                                             Course Contain

Electrical Engineering

EL 415/25/35 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers                        Course Contain

EL 406 Measurements and Control                                                               Course Contain

EL 412 Power Electronics                                                                                  Course Contain

Civil Engineering

CV 403 Civil Engineering Materials and Construction Practices         Course Contain

CV 404 Geo-technical and Foundation Engineering                                 Course Contain

CV 405 Water Resources Systems                                                                    Course Contain

CV 406 Principles of Geo-informatics                                                             Course Contain

CV 407 Analysis and Design of Structures                                                     Course Contain

CV 421 Principles of Environmental Engineering                                      Course Contain

CV 424 Design of Water and Waste water Treatment Systems              Course Contain

CV 425 Waste Management and Environmental Impact Assessment   Course Contain

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